Our vision is a world free of preventable disease, in which everyone everywhere can reach their full potential.

Our mission is to prevent and treat neglected infectious diseases through strengthening impactful and comprehensive health programmes.

We’ve achieved a lot since our foundation in 2002. We’ve helped establish programmes against parasitic worm infections in countries where none previously existed and now support the delivery of millions of treatments each year. But with over 1 billion people still infected, there is still a lot left to do to eliminate these diseases for good.

Find out how we support government programmes with our Strategic Plan for 2018-2025 below.


our goals


Those affected by parasitic worm infections receive treatment and care.


Communities change their behaviours to reduce the risk of infection.


Environmental changes are put in place to reduce the transmission of infection.


Everyone has access to all services that can reduce the risk of - and alleviate the problems associated with - infection.

our approach


1. Partnerships

We are collaborative, promoting inclusion and synergy.

We act as catalysts in the creation of successful cross-sectoral partnerships that generate the greatest impact on disease transmission.


2. Operational Excellence and Innovation

We are agile, adapting to changing local and global environments.

We aim to constantly improve and innovate, to ensure that we optimise our efforts and use resources most cost-effectively.


3. Sustainability

We ensure that our work is sustainable and supports broader development.

We support governments to strengthen systems and processes, so that they are dynamic, responsive and deliver results.


4. Evidence-based

We generate evidence to inform decisions and guide our work.

We improve processes and develop preferred practices for global health policy. We share knowledge to ensure that everyone can benefit from improved health.

our values



We challenge inequity and strive towards a fair distribution of power and resources globally. We understand that ill health is rooted in social and economic inequity and injustice.



We respect people’s differences, recognising the importance of different perspectives and experiences, applying the principles of compassion and dignity. We understand that having varied perspectives and experiences is essential to achieving our mission.



We are transparent in our decision making and our actions and ensure that decisions are informed by credible evidence. We acknowledge the fundamental role or transparency in engendering trust, collaboration, and accountability.


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